1999-2015 Clapp-Library


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Weather monitoring data were collected with the Davis weather station (Davis Instruments Vantage Pro) mounted on the roof of Clapp Laboratory (1999-2002) and on the roof of Williston Library since 2003. The station recorded a variety of parameters including the following: barometric pressure, evapotranspiration, outside humidity, dew point, rainfall (daily, storm, monthly, yearly), rain rate, solar radiation, outside temperature, heat index, UV index, UV dose, wind direction, wind speed, and wind chill. The stations collect data every ten minutes using a cable that links the Vantage Pro console to the Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS). The ISS unit has the following components: rain collector, anemometer vane, wind cups, UV and solar radiation sensors. The data were periodically (usually in monthly intervals) downloaded from the Vantage Pro console.





Bledzki, Leszek 2015, 1999-2015 Clapp-Library, Mount Holyoke College Dataset