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The Mount Holyoke College campus offers a diversity of ecosystems and provides a year-round outdoor classroom and a landscape rich in history, infrastructure and culture. The Campus Living Laboratory Initiative (CLLI) cultivates opportunities for students across disciplines to apply their classroom experiences through place and project-based learning and faculty-mentored independent research that uses this exceptional natural and built campus landscape.

The resources and facilities encompassed by the Campus Living Lab (CLL) include 15 permanent sampling stations along College waterways, 5 weather stations in distinct ecological sites, the Botanic Garden, the Restoration Ecology Program’s Project Stream, a historical atlas and all of the College’s sustainability infrastructure.

The data are split into three sub-communities: Sustainability, Environmental Monitoring, Environmental History. An additional sub-community features faculty publications as they pertain to the College campus.

For questions related to the CLL database (or if you are looking for a particular type of data from campus), please email Carey Lang (


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  • Explore to learn more about the physical, scientific, and cultural uses of the campus throughout history.
  • Explore to learn more about Project Stream, long-term environmental monitoring, student research, and other projects.
  • All faculty publications in which the MHC campus was used as a field site are housed in this sub-community.
  • Explore to learn about energy use, waste management initiatives, water use on campus and other projects.