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  • Disobedient Bodies: The Intersection of Class and Sensation in the Victorian Novel 

    Book, Bella
    At once stable and permeable, tangible and capable of sensation, the body holds a unique position in Victorian novels. It navigates social structures which can control or entangle the body. It also asserts a physical ...
  • Playing Princess: Preschool Girls’ Interpretations of Gender Stereotypes in Disney Princess Media 

    Golden, Julia
    Disney bombards young girls on a daily basis with powerful and consistent messages regarding gender norms and roles. Their princess brand, in particular, circulates rigid expectations for how girls should look and behave. ...
  • Inferring Network Structures from Diffusion Traces 

    Fu, Liye (2015-09-08)
    We are surrounded by all kinds of networks: a population can be seen as a network where people are connected through social relationships; the World Wide Web is a network where web pages are linked through hyperlinks. Many ...
  • Identity as Language 

    Rosendahl, Siri Lorraine (2015-08-24)
    How important is national identity to individuals living in an increasingly globalized world? This summer, I tackled this topic through the prism of language pursuing an independent research project in Galway City, Ireland. ...
  • Identity as Perception 

    Roberts, Amanda (2015-08-24)
    The criminal justice system in the United States is anything but systematic. The virtues of justice are sullied by corrupt policies, racism, and ignorance. And instead of punishment and neglect, the criminalized often need ...

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