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  • Playing Princess: Preschool Girls’ Interpretations of Gender Stereotypes in Disney Princess Media 

    Golden, Julia
    Disney bombards young girls on a daily basis with powerful and consistent messages regarding gender norms and roles. Their princess brand, in particular, circulates rigid expectations for how girls should look and behave. ...
  • Inferring Network Structures from Diffusion Traces 

    Fu, Liye (2015-09-08)
    We are surrounded by all kinds of networks: a population can be seen as a network where people are connected through social relationships; the World Wide Web is a network where web pages are linked through hyperlinks. Many ...
  • Identity as Self 

    Huynh, Brooke Ly (2015-08-24)
    My internship forced me to think about the self. I interned at the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation in Hanoi, Vietnam. I studied the political divide between Vietnamese nationalism and colonial truth. I was amidst a ...
  • Researching Your Roots: What's at Stake When Conducting Hometown Research 

    Roberts, Evelyn (2015-08-24)
    In the past sixty years in the United States, many sports teams at the high school and university level have switched from their Native American mascots to something less controversial. After two years of debate, in 2009, ...
  • Self-Identity: It Follows You Everywhere 

    Ramirez, Rocio I. (2015-08-24)
    Easter Island is known for its mystery. Although the traditions and the location can be a mystery to certain people, for Rocío Ramírez, her identity was no mystery while interning in Easter Island (Rapa Nui). Rocío self ...

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