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  • Computational and Experimental Modeling of Speckle for Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging 

    Chinowsky, Colbie
    Speckle, named such after a similar effect appearing in laser optics, has been a recognized phenomenon in ultrasonic imaging since the late twentieth century. Speckle is best described as the noise that seems to obscure ...
  • Barbara Bosworth's Triptychs 

    Herbert, Robert L. (2016-02-15)
    This essay is a close study of the landscape triptychs of the past fifteen years by the renowned photographer Barbara Bosworth. Her three-part photographs are only one portion of her output, but the author became fascinated ...
  • Lengua, Patria e Identidad: El Exilio Personal de Teresa Gracia 

    Babcock, Jessie
    A critical study of the plays and poetry of Teresa Gracia, a Spanish poet who lived in exile from the Spanish Civil War era to 1980, when she returned to Spain.
  • Khayali Pulao: Dreaming up the Family 

    Swami, Poorna
    Khayali Pulao is a collection of poetry and prose that weaves my family’s oral accounts into a non-linear family history. The title, an Urdu phrase that could be translated as “Imagined Pilaf,” typically used to describe ...
  • Disobedient Bodies: The Intersection of Class and Sensation in the Victorian Novel 

    Book, Bella
    At once stable and permeable, tangible and capable of sensation, the body holds a unique position in Victorian novels. It navigates social structures which can control or entangle the body. It also asserts a physical ...

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