Resolution 2014-12: Establishing Doña Ana County as a "Safe Community for All Residents"



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In this Resolution, the Doña Ana County Board of County Commissioners resolves that all employees of Doña Ana County shall act toward all residents in a manner that is respectful of human rights and promotes the conditions necessary to create "Safe Communities." The Resolution prohibits County personnel from disclosing the immigration status of County residents except in instances where such disclosure is required by federal or state law, regulations, or court order.



Sanctuary Policies, Doña Ana County employees, "Safe Communities", Immigration status, Citizenship, Public services, Human rights, Office of the County Manager, Departmental Director, Elected officials, New Mexico Congressional delegation, Governor, New Mexico Secretary of State, Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Attorney General, President, County funds or resources, Enforcement of federal immigration law, Immigration status, Federal or state statute or regulation, Court decision, Investigation, detention, or arrest procedures, Civil provisions of the federal immigration law, Doña Ana County's Human Resources Policies and Procedures