Instantaneous ecosystem carbon dioxide fluxes at Mer Bleue Fertilization experiment 2001-2011

dc.contributor.authorBubier, Jill
dc.contributor.authorJuutinen, Sari
dc.contributor.authorLarmola, Tuula
dc.contributor.authorMoore, Tim
dc.contributor.facultyBubier, Jill: Mount Holyoke College
dc.contributor.facultyMoore, Tim: McGill University, Montreal Quebec
dc.contributor.otherBubier, Jill
dc.contributor.otherJuutinen, Sari
dc.contributor.otherLarmola, Tuula
dc.contributor.otherMoore, Tim
dc.contributor.staffJuutinen, Sari: University of Helsinki
dc.contributor.staffLarmola, Tuula: University of Helsinki
dc.contributor.studentGaytri Bahtia: Mount Holyoke College
dc.contributor.studentMeaghan Murphy: Mount Holyoke College
dc.contributor.studentRose Smith: Mount Holyoke College
dc.contributor.studentVi Bui: Mount Holyoke College
dc.contributor.studentJulia Palorinne: University of Helsinki
dc.contributor.studentJani Antila: University of Helsinki
dc.contributor.studentLauren Thompson: McGill University
dc.coverage.spatialMer Bleue bog, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 2001-2011, partly unpublished
dc.description.abstractInstantaneous ecosystem carbon dioxide fluxes at Mer Bleue Fertilization experiment, Ottawa, Canada, measured with a transparent, climate-controlled chamber and shrouds during May-August in 2001-2011. During the time period, the collars in Experiment 1 (control O and treatments PK, 5N, 5NPK started in 2000; 10NPK, 20NPK in 2001) were measured in 2001, 2003, 2005, 2008, 2009, 2011 and the collars in Experiment 2 (Control X and treatments 10N, 20N started in 2005) in 2008, 2009, 2011.
dc.description.abstractAnnual N application levels as NH4NO3 since the beginning of the respective treatments: 5 (1.6 g N m-2), 10 (3.2 g N m-2) and 20 times (6.4 g N m-2) ambient summer time wet N deposition (0.8 g m-2y-1 in 2000) with or without P (5.0 g m-2) and K (6.3 g m-2) as KH2PO4. Distilled water served as control. Nutrient solutions were applied every 3 weeks May-August on triplicate 3 x 3 m plots. For details of the experiment and data see the following publications:
dc.description.abstractData 2001-2005 are published by Bubier et al. 2007 Global Change Biology, 13, 1168-1186.
dc.description.abstractData 2001-2008 by Juutinen et al. 2010. Ecosystems, 13, 874-887.
dc.description.abstractData 2011 by Larmola et al. 2013. Global Change Biology, 19, 3729-3739.
dc.description.abstractData 2009: Arroy-Mora et al. 2018 Remote Sensing 10: 565, doi:10.3390/rs10040565.
dc.description.dateMay-September 2001-2011
dc.subjectcarbon dioxide
dc.subjectgas flux
dc.subjectecosystem respiration
dc.subjectnet ecosystem exchange
dc.subjectchamber measurements
dc.titleInstantaneous ecosystem carbon dioxide fluxes at Mer Bleue Fertilization experiment 2001-2011