Prior to 2012, Project Stream was an unnamed (and largely unknown) waterway feeding into the North end of the MHC lakes system. Professor Kate Ballantine's Restoration Ecology class began studying the stream, compiling site history, producing GIS maps, collecting data on water, soil, and vegetative characteristics of the area, conducting stakeholder interviews, and doing reviews of relevant case studies and legal requirements.

Like much of the globe, the MHC water system has problems with nutrient pollution, and Project Stream was not functioning to its full potential to remove those nutrients and filter the water. REP students took on the task of planning for and implementing a full site restoration. A key step was measuring the baseline conditions at the site so that change over time can be monitored. Site monitoring will continue indefinitely, enabling us to better understand site dynamics and providing a valuable background dataset for research projects of all types.

This data archive provides the Mount Holyoke community with access to the datasets and research of faculty and students who study issues such as soil and water quality at the restoration site, and in relation to Project Stream.

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