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  • "Construction and Disruption: Building Communities of Practice, Queering Subject Liaisons" 

    Pinto, Caro (Association of College and Research Libraries, 2015)
  • Williston Hall, 1876-1917 

    Herbert, Robert L. (2017-06-09)
    This short illustrated essay tells the story of Williston Hall, the first building constructed wholly outside the walls of the gigantic Seminary Hall. Opened in 1876, it housed art and the natural sciences. A gallery of ...
  • Infographic Pie Judging in a Science FYS 

    Oelker, Sarah; Aidala, Katherine (2017-03-09)
  • A Pictorial History of Mount Holyoke 1900-1935: Asa Kinney's View Camera Photographs 

    Herbert, Robert L. (2017-02-23)
    This monograph reproduces and discusses 142 photographs of Mount Holyoke College from 1900 to 1935 by Asa S. Kinney (1873-1961). He was teacher of plant science and landscape design from 1898 to 1939, whose passion was a ...
  • Cultivating a Mind of One's Own: Drawing on Critical Information Literacy and Liberal Education 

    Galoozis, Elizabeth; Pinto, Caro (Association of College & Research Libraries, Press, 2016)
  • The Recovered History of Prospect Hill, 1879-1920: Goodnow Park, the Pepper Box and Lake Nonotuck 

    Herbert, Robert L. (2016-08-11)
    Goodnow Park, Lake Nonotuck, and the Pepper Box: These were once familiar places at Mount Holyoke College, but they have been utterly lost. Only one of the three, the Pepper Box, has literally disappeared, torn down in ...
  • "Easy Japanese" for Newcomers to Japan 

    Kim, Yeojin; Wang, Echo Zhechun; Yazawa, Ayame; Xu, Linda Shuying; Nemoto, Naoko (2016-05-15)
    Newsletter about "Easy Japanese" for Newcomers to Japan: Asian 344 Japanese language and linguistics Spring 2016
  • 100 Years of Immigration, 25 Years of Dekasegi Return Migration: Globalization and Cultural Diversity in Japan Part 2 

    Oba, Junko; Nemoto, Naoko (2016-06-15)
    This lecture examines the recent massive "return migration" of Japanese Brazilian immigrant workers to their ancestral homeland of Japan and the problems and challenges of nurturing cultural diversity in Japanese society ...
  • 100 Years of Immigration, 25 Years of Dekasegi Return Migration: Globalization and Cultural Diversity in Japan  Part 1 

    Oba, Junko; Nemoto, Naoko (2016-06-15)
    This lecture delineates a history of one hundred years of Japanese immigration to Latin America, especially Brazil with the largest concentration, as a precondition for the recent return migration of people of Japanese ...
  • Man'yo-gana 

    Nemoto, Naoko; Nakano, Takumi; Kobayashi, Hisako (2016-06-15)
    This video discusses Manyogana through a poem by Empress Jito in Manyoshu and the differences between this poem and her poem that is sited in Shinkokinshu while reading Mano (2011).
  • Japanese Vocabulary 

    Nemoto, Naoko; Kobayashi, Hisako; Nakano, Takumi (2016-06-15)
    This video discusses some issues on Japanese vocabulary such as synonyms and homonyms while reading Yamaguchi (2006).
  • Japanese Numeral Classifiers 

    Nemoto, Naoko; Yamamoto, Kasumi (2016-06-15)
    In Japanese, a use of numeral classifier is mandatory to count objects. This lecture discusses the linguistics and pragmatic functions of Japanese numeral classifiers.
  • Japanese Loan Words 2 

    Nemoto, Naoko (2016-06-15)
    This lecture discusses the use of loan words in Japanese today and the related issues.
  • Japanese Loan Words 1 

    Nemoto, Naoko (2016-06-15)
    Japanese has been importing many words from many languages. This lecture discusses the historical background of loan words in Japanese since 16th century.
  • Japanese Existential Verbs 1 

    Nemoto, Naoko; Nakano, Takumi (2016-06-15)
    This video discusses the use of two existential verbs in Japanese, namely 'iru' and 'aru,' while reading Kudo and Yakame (2008).
  • Japanese Existential Verbs 2: Dialects 

    Nemoto, Naoko; Takumi, Nakano (2016-06-14)
    This video discusses what kinds of existential verbs exist in dialects in Japanese while reading Kudo and Yakame (2008).
  • Anaphoric Judgement of Nouns in Japanese 

    Nemoto, Naoko; Tawa, Wako (2016-06-15)
    English possesses articles to indicate which nouns are definite or indefinite, while Japanese lacks such a class of words. This lecture discusses how the context in which nouns are used plays a great role for anaphoric ...
  • Barbara Bosworth's Triptychs 

    Herbert, Robert L. (2016-02-15)
    This essay is a close study of the landscape triptychs of the past fifteen years by the renowned photographer Barbara Bosworth. Her three-part photographs are only one portion of her output, but the author became fascinated ...
  • Identity as Language 

    Rosendahl, Siri Lorraine (2015-08-24)
    How important is national identity to individuals living in an increasingly globalized world? This summer, I tackled this topic through the prism of language pursuing an independent research project in Galway City, Ireland. ...
  • Identity as Perception 

    Roberts, Amanda (2015-08-24)
    The criminal justice system in the United States is anything but systematic. The virtues of justice are sullied by corrupt policies, racism, and ignorance. And instead of punishment and neglect, the criminalized often need ...

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