DIY Cybersecurity: Solidarity Through Technology


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Noah Kelley is creator of the DIY Guide to Feminist Cybersecurity and is the founder of HACK*BLOSSOM, an activist organization fighting for the safety and autonomy of marginalized users in digital spaces. In this talk, Noah explores how personal relationships to technology can cultivate a culture that values safety and autonomy in digital spaces, especially in respect to threats of political oppression and personal harassment, as well as how technology can inform both institutional and personal activism. He discusses the current legal and cultural issues surrounding privacy, how cybersecurity plays a role in the addressing those issues, and how cybersecurity can be a launching point for creating enduring and resilient communities over the next few years. Note: There are two versions of this video available here. The first provides closed captioning, the second does not. A text transcript of the presentation is also available for download.



feminism, cybersecurity, privacy, technology, internet communities, social media, online harassment, political oppression, activism