Social media as a tool for more opportunities


This summer, I did my internship in an international fast food restaurant company and used the social media platform as a rich and interactive platform to engage with consumers as well as celebrities regarding various issues of concern. I have liked the career because I am able to possess good communication skills that are required for people in the service business for the purposes of engaging and communicating professionally with different people. I used social media to publish our restaurant’s variety of meals and other products. I communicated with our customers regarding the upcoming events and sales promotions by offering free birthday gifts and vouchers. I reached and encouraged various celebrities to visit the restaurant and be part of its strategy of ensuring delivery of healthy foods in a serene environment. Social media provided a perfect platform to carry out survey through customers’ reviews or feedback and also answering customers’ queries regarding our products. Through the internship, I acquired immense communication and presentation skills especially when using graphics on digital media. I also gained skills in aptitude writing by improving my command of the language as well as the ability to express myself in writing based on a customer-service mindset.