Sleep Paralysis (a short film)



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"Sleep Paralysis" is a narrative short film that falls into the realm of the horror and supernatural genres, with a dash of comedy throughout. My goal was to also challenge myself as a producer and director. In the end, the cast and crew for "Sleep Paralysis" consisted of fifteen individuals. The crew included positions such as costume designer, makeup artist, production designers, and more—it was an entirely collaborative effort. Filming took place throughout the entire month of October and part of November. The story unfolds in the fictional small-town of Landow, Massachusetts after a series of mysterious disappearances occur. Max Morales is brought into town by their father, a big city Detective who has been called in to solve the mysteries. Max meets the local outcast, a homeschooled kid, Remington “Remmy” Callaway, who believes she knows what—or who—might be behind the unsolved case. The duo then embark on a mission to unravel this mystery. Little do they know is that there are Eyes everywhere. Their investigation brings them up against an undead florist, a possessed Glee Club, and, behind it all, the spirit of a wrongfully murdered Witch—and she’s out for their heads.



Film Production, Gender, Horror, LGBTQ