Hoaxes, Memes & Bots


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In 2016 the world woke up to the severity of the polluted information environment. This lecture explained why we need to consider the whole spectrum of the misinformation ecosystem, what we learned from monitoring disinformation in the French, UK, and German elections, and why we have to stop using the term “fake news.” Most importantly, it included practical tips so you can make sure you don't get fooled by the hoaxes, misattributed, and manipulated content that surfaces online. Nic Dias is a senior research fellow at First Draft News, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting truth and trust on the internet. He has a background in computational journalism and social science. Nic's recent research interests include the use of bots to boost hyperpartisan perspectives, misinformation and disinformation on social media. In this avenue, he has studied the use of social bots to amplify misinformation in the United States, France, the United Kingdom and Germany -- particularly during elections. Other curiosities of his include the psychological principles dictating the correction of false beliefs.



memes, disinformation, media