The Influence of Social Identity Salience, Mood and Impulsivity During Emerging Adulthood on Object Relevant Purchase Intentions



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This study examined the relationship between mood, impulsivity and social identity priming and their influence on relevant purchasing decisions among emerging adults. Participants were required to complete a survey that measured their current mood and impulsivity level. They were then randomly assigned to one of two conditions (primed and non-primed). In the primed condition, participants were asked to write about a moving experience relating to their friends and peers in order to prime their social identity. In the non-primed condition they were to write about their morning routine, so their social identity was not primed. Data was analyzed using a double moderation analysis where the influence of mood on relevant purchase decisions was measured, in addition to the influence of impulsivity on relevant purchase decisions and the influence of primed social identity on relevant purchase decisions. Furthermore, an interaction between mood and primed social identity’s influence on relevant purchase decisions was measured. An interaction between impulsivity and primed social identity’s influence on relevant purchase decisions was also measured. No significant results were gained, aside from a significant positive correlation between mood and the likelihood to purchase the focus product. These findings were not consistent with predictions. Limitations and suggestions for future studies are discussed.



emerging adulthood, consumer psychology, social identity, mood, impulsivity