Classroom to laboratory: Learning without borders



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A college student’s senior year is a bittersweet one. One would love to embrace the last moments as an undergraduate student while lining up the stepping stones to one’s career path. As a senior Biochemistry major, the progresses in science and technology are as important as my personal development progress. In embracing the last year of my student life and preparing myself to venture into the working world, I took a Mount Holyoke College online film studies course while working full time in Professor Wei Chen’s laboratory to improve the surface properties of a promising polymer in the biomedical field, polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). Since learning is not simply confined within the gates of Mount Holyoke College, my summer learning experience branched to University of Sussex in England where I studied Medicinal Chemistry while traveling the south of England and London. For home is where the heart of the learner lies, prior to returning to campus for my senior year, I went back to my family and friends in Malaysia. The thousands of miles that I traveled this summer are only a chip of my whole summer experience for I have learned more than those mere numbers.