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  • DIY Cybersecurity: Solidarity Through Technology 

    Kelley, Noah
    Noah Kelley is creator of the DIY Guide to Feminist Cybersecurity and is the founder of HACK*BLOSSOM, an activist organization fighting for the safety and autonomy of marginalized users in digital spaces. In this talk, ...
  • Geomedia, Mining, and Mobility Justice: The Matter of Cloud Computing and Bitcoin 

    Sheller, Mimi
    Technology never operates on its own, but is always about how people use it, how we put things together and make them work. The “material turn” in media studies and mobilities research highlights the geopolitical and ...
  • Hoaxes, Memes & Bots 

    Dias, Nic
    In 2016 the world woke up to the severity of the polluted information environment. This lecture explained why we need to consider the whole spectrum of the misinformation ecosystem, what we learned from monitoring ...