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  • Japanese Existential Verbs 1 

    Nemoto, Naoko; Nakano, Takumi (2016-06-15)
    This video discusses the use of two existential verbs in Japanese, namely 'iru' and 'aru,' while reading Kudo and Yakame (2008).
  • Japanese Existential Verbs 2: Dialects 

    Nemoto, Naoko; Takumi, Nakano (2016-06-14)
    This video discusses what kinds of existential verbs exist in dialects in Japanese while reading Kudo and Yakame (2008).
  • Japanese Loan Words 1 

    Nemoto, Naoko (2016-06-15)
    Japanese has been importing many words from many languages. This lecture discusses the historical background of loan words in Japanese since 16th century.
  • Japanese Loan Words 2 

    Nemoto, Naoko (2016-06-15)
    This lecture discusses the use of loan words in Japanese today and the related issues.
  • Japanese Numeral Classifiers 

    Nemoto, Naoko; Yamamoto, Kasumi (2016-06-15)
    In Japanese, a use of numeral classifier is mandatory to count objects. This lecture discusses the linguistics and pragmatic functions of Japanese numeral classifiers.
  • Japanese Vocabulary 

    Nemoto, Naoko; Kobayashi, Hisako; Nakano, Takumi (2016-06-15)
    This video discusses some issues on Japanese vocabulary such as synonyms and homonyms while reading Yamaguchi (2006).
  • Man'yo-gana 

    Nemoto, Naoko; Nakano, Takumi; Kobayashi, Hisako (2016-06-15)
    This video discusses Manyogana through a poem by Empress Jito in Manyoshu and the differences between this poem and her poem that is sited in Shinkokinshu while reading Mano (2011).