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  • Coherent Structure Detection using Topological Tools and a Graph Theoretic Approach 

    Wilson, Caledonia
    For general aperiodic fluid flows, coherent structures help organize the dynamics. The prevalence of such flows in nature and industry has motivated many successful techniques for defining and detecting coherent structures. ...
  • An Exploration of Algebraic Approaches to Graph Theory 

    Urbschat, Maya
    In a 2010 paper, De Loera et al. explore the use of polynomial ideals to determine properties of graphs. Here we present an exposition of the results in said paper on k-colorability and Hamiltonicity of graphs, as well as ...
  • Seidel Switching 

    Lastrina, Michelle (2011-02-16)
    Seidel switching is a technique for generating pairs of graphs that are cospectral but not necessarily isomorphic. We will discuss and prove some important properties related to this graph construction. Cospectral pairs ...