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  • At the Edge of Print 

    Giragosian, Sarah (2011-02-16)
  • The Buttermilk Casket 

    Mitchell, Holly (2013-05-21)
  • Fragments 

    Binns, Sarah (2011-02-16)
    A poetry thesis invoking Elizabeth Bishop, questions of modern-day travel, and ekphrastic works.
  • “Glyphing” at Black Mountain College: New Artistic Languages in the Work of Anni Albers, John Cage, and Charles Olson 

    McLean, Hattie (2016-07-01)
    The legendary Black Mountain College, founded in 1933 near Asheville, North Carolina, cultivated a fascinating and avant-garde community of artists at the forefront of postwar culture in America. While short-lived (the ...
  • My Self Was Reborn of the Union: A Poetic Contexture 

    Marciezyk, Savannah (2016-06-20)
    This project is, at its core, a contexture of poems. With a special attention to the structuralist elements of poetry, these 30 poems are divided into three sections which form an overarching narrative when evaluated in ...
  • Prospero's Astrolabe: A Collection of Poems 

    Ginader, Emma (2015-06-01)
    Prospero’s Astrolabe is a poetry collection exploring the connections between the history and mythology of astronomy and the human condition. Originally inspired by Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s 2014 television miniseries, "Cosmos", ...
  • Studies 

    DeJesus, Veronica (2016-06-20)
    A collection of original poems composed over the past three semesters. Each began as a weekly study centered around an active detailed image. Most focus on natural subjects and play within the limits of rhyme or a syllabic ...
  • The Voice of the American Female Poet: Tradition and Innovation 

    Mosman, Jocelyn (2016-12-19)
    The subject of my thesis involves the art of imitation: a practice that has spanned over two millennia. Imitation was originally used as a pedagogical practice for early Roman writers and continued as a central part of ...