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  • "Empty's Always Empty" 

    Sladky, Alexandra (2011-02-16)
    Short stories based on Ovid's Metamorphoses.
  • Khayali Pulao: Dreaming up the Family 

    Swami, Poorna
    Khayali Pulao is a collection of poetry and prose that weaves my family’s oral accounts into a non-linear family history. The title, an Urdu phrase that could be translated as “Imagined Pilaf,” typically used to describe ...
  • Stories from the Workplace 

    Maryeski, LeeAnn (2011-05-11)
    My collection of short stories has stemmed from a concept that I have struggled with in both my English and Politics courses here at Mount Holyoke College. The idea boils down to the concept of value. My short story ...