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  • The Intersection of Identity and Performing Arts of Black Physicists 

    Williams, Tamia
    How one negotiates their physics identity is crucial to gaining and maintaining membership in the physics community. However, there is an exclusive culture of physics that has marginalized Black people and leads them to ...
  • The role of Aur-A in Drosophila melanogaster fat body remodeling 

    Arshinoff, Danielle
    Tissue remodeling is an important process in multicellular organisms that is necessary for processes such as wound healing and tumor metastasis. For remodeling to occur, connective proteins of the extracellular matrix ...
  • Variability of the Unresolved X-Ray Background 

    Post, Elizabeth
    The cosmic x-ray background is diffuse, uniform x-ray radiation originat- ing from outside our galaxy. Over the past several decades since its discovery, much of it has been resolved into discrete sources. However, a ...