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  • Capturing, persisting, and querying the provenance of scientific data 

    Taskova, Sofiya (2012-06-04)
    Scientists use technology ubiquitously to collect and process data. They often use software to handle massive datasets and produce scientific results, which they post on the web, making them readily available to the public. ...
  • Gesture Elicitation for Image Editing 

    Bancila, Andreea (2013-06-13)
    Natural User Interfaces (NUIs) represent one of the most important steps that computer scientists have taken towards shaping a more intuitive, more detached kind of interaction with the technological sphere. NUIs, which ...
  • Making Bridge Accessible To The Visually Impaired 

    DeJordy, Allison (2012-06-20)
    Bridge is an entertaining card game enjoyed by many, particularly senior citizens. In addition to being enjoyable, playing bridge involves a large amount of strategy and challenges the player's memory. Studies have shown ...