A Community Health-Based Research Experience: A Well-Rounded Internship at the SPRC


The Stanford Prevention Research Center (SPRC) is composed of leading researchers who strive to combat diseases and improve the health of populations within the United States and across the world. During the summer of 2015, Aladrianne Young was a research intern for the Healthy Aging Research and Technology Solutions (HARTS) Lab at the SPRC in Palo Alto, CA. The HARTS lab, directed by Dr. Abby King, focuses on addressing barriers and facilitators that influence the ability of older adult populations to incorporate physical exercise into their lives and their ability to access quality foods in order to eat healthfully. As a research intern, Aladrianne worked closely under Dr. Jylana Sheats on various projects pertaining to simultaneous studies conducted at the lab. Aladrianne attended weekly team meetings, conducted a focus group, created evidence tables, created a validated survey database, learned print and digital marketing strategies, attended a site visit, networked with colleagues, assisted with website development, and co-edited a resource guide for participants.Through her internship she learned about the many facets that compose research. This presentation will highlight Aladrianne’s overall summer experience and provide an overview of the projects she was a part of with HARTS.