Exploration of Material Transformation



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Furniture design is the underlying notion in all of my artworks. Some works are directly derived from recognizable features of furniture, while others, though heavily influenced by furniture design, may not be so obvious to the viewer in the first glance. I identify this set of work as furniture pets, because they are in fact carnal and animalistic in their own way, giving each piece its own life and personality. They do not necessarily mimic nature, rather mimic the ways of nature through their organic magnitude, the rate of growth, form and structure. These physical objects function optically and sculpturally, experimental in both material and process. Each piece had its share of visual moments where material and process were tested and challenged, thus, setting the process behind making a piece somewhere between intuition and strategy. These ideas account for my intuitive ways of working to produce a sculpture while navigating through omnifarious ideas and experiments. Regular/irregular repetition of patterns and reoccurring shapes are the key aspects of my work, which not only reason my aesthetic value but also makes sense of the logic behind the formation of a piece. Although my overall process is intuitive and improvisational, there are certain decisions that come after one another, therefore, making the process crucial to the making of the sculptures. The objects reveal just enough of themselves to arouse curiosity, leaving the viewer to pursue their identity, situation, and purpose.



Sculpture, Furniture Design