Finding My Forté in the Music World



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The Northampton Community Music Center (NCMC) offers people of all socio-economic backgrounds the opportunity to study music. It was a pleasure to intern as the Summer Program Assistant and help with the various camps at this non-profit organization. Running a fine arts school in today’s world is difficult due to unrealistic cuts of already small budgets. As a result, music opportunities are becoming less accessible to society. NCMC strives to give any person, regardless of monetary constraints, the opportunity to pursue music. While working with NCMC this summer, I learned the administrative side of running a non-profit music school. From sending out letters to answering phones, I learned about the little things that help an organization build ties with the surrounding community. I also found myself singing background vocals at Rock Band Camp and discovered a new area of music in which I am interested. This year, I will continue to learn about different forms of music while I finish my music major, and apply new teaching methods to my own students. I began my summer not knowing where my place in the music world would be when I graduate. After four months of learning from people in diverse musical professions, such as teachers, performers, directors, store owners, and freelancers, I found my place among these amazing people. In addition to realizing where music fits in my life, I have gained the confidence to pursue aspects of the music world that I love. I learned that I am not done learning. My experience at NCMC has prepared me for the next steps in my music journey.