How do Pigeons Find Their Way Home?



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In an exploration of what it means to construct queerness with and without language, my thesis aims to bring a new perspective to Chaucer’s work while also engaging in the current conversations surrounding queer identity. Chaucer’s Wife of Bath and Pardoner are reimagined as modern characters living in New York City. As they struggle to understand the strange pigeon-like reflections they have been seeing in the mirror, they end up helping each other through an unlikely friendship. Throughout this project, my process was rooted in an interest in queer and medieval theory, as well as in a love for the questions of identity that humans share across centuries. Incorporating illustration, fabulism, poetry, and prose, I pull from queer and medieval traditions to create a narrative that grapples with the abstract constructions of identity, gender, queerness, and pathology.



Chaucer, Creative writing, The Wife of Bath, The Pardoner, Queer fiction