International Research at AIR INC

dc.contributor.authorDouglas, Sian
dc.description.abstractI was a Housing Analyst this summer at an International Research Company called AIR INC. I called realtors and other rental market experts across the United States and Canada to help assign budget grids for potentially relocating clients’ executives. Including executives of Fortune 100 companies. In addition to assigning budgets for each respective location, I wrote market reports based off of research that I collected. I expanded my research skills, maximized my time management, and worked on my communication skills. I worked in both collaborative and independent settings to tackle some of the larger rental markets. I trained new interns. I wrote economic reports on 35 different locations. Including high profile locations such as Dallas, Boston, Quebec City, and Manhattan. Additionally, I worked on other sensitive locations such as Fort McMurray in Alberta Canada, which lost a fifth of its town during a widespread forest fire.
dc.description.panabstractWe found a common connection in one area of all of our work this summer: research as a productive capacity for information building, marketing, policy directives, and more. Through our work and research with the organizations, firms, and companies we worked for this summer, we developed breadth and depth of information that shaped how we worked and what we were able to do. By investigating such things, we share the common experience of developing our academic faculties in the context of meaningful action.
dc.titleInternational Research at AIR INC
dc.title.alternativeInvestigating Research: Corporate and Social Responsibility in Action


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