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Whenever you watch a legal drama on T.V., you are immediately drawn in by the glitz and glamour that accompanies the legal profession. It is suppose to be fun, economically fulfilling and absolutely perfect. Nonetheless, this is far from the picture they paint on T.V.; my internship this summer affirmed that. I was exposed to various sides of the legal field that I did not know existed. For example, the long hours that were put in to building a case, the tedious administrative tasks, and the troublesome office politics of the workplace. My internship opened my eyes to the complex reality that the legal profession really is. In retrospect, I wouldn’t change anything about my internship; it made me grow so much as a person and as a professional in the job market today. In my presentation, I will speak on the complexities of the legal field as well as my personal journey through navigating them. I will speak on how this internship changed my mind on wanting to become a corporate lawyer, and wanting to pursue another area of the legal field.