Policing Policy 900.09.02: Admissions, Classification and Release


This intra-divisional procedure issued by the Indian River County Sheriff's Office and directed to the Bureau of Corrections dictates that no person will be detained based solely on an administrative warrant signed and issued by an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent. A warrant issued and signed by a Federal Court Judge or Federal Magistrate or an Order of Deportation signed by a Federal Court Judge, Federal Magistrate or Immigration Judge will be the only means accepted when detaining a subject for ICE. Please see page 11 in the policy document for detailed information.



Sanctuary Policies, Admissions, Booking, Classification, Foreign Nationals, Juvenile, Release, Victim Notification, Adult, Arresting Officer’s Report, Bail, Bail Bond, Baker Act, Capias, Crime, CMI S-D5, “White Out”, Foreign National, Mandatory Consular Notification List, Non-mandatory Consular Notification, General Order 4010.35 Foreign Nationals, Illegal Aliens, Marchman Act