Ultrasonic characterization of HCT cells in the 5-25 MHz range



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Early recognition of cancerous tissue is crucial in receiving a favorable prognosis. There is a need for fast and easy diagnosis of tumors provided in real time. Ultrasound techniques that can be used to differentiate ultrasonic characteristics (such as speed of sound (SOS), attenuation, and backscatter coefficients (BSC)) in malignant and benign cells can aid in early diagnostics. Diagnostic ultrasound is advantageous in that it is noninvasive, inexpensive, and does not employ ionizing radiation which can increase the risk of getting cancer. Although statistically significant distinctions between benign and cancerous tumor scatterer properties have been demonstrated, there is little knowledge about which cell characteristics create differences in scattering. This thesis centers on introducing a cell pellet biophantom technique that employs the use of quantitative ultrasound to quantify the microstructure of HCT (colon cancer) cells in an attempt to establish a greater understanding of scattering mechanisms. To analyze these characteristics HCT cells were cultured, suspended in agar and prepared into samples. Broadband BSC measurements were conducted using focused transducers and narrowband attenuation and SOS measurements were performed using receiving and transmitting transducers. All experiments were made in the 5-25MHz range at 33°C. The results introduce relevant data useful for comparative studies and further analysis.



Cancer, Ultrasound, Physics, Colon Cancer