Personal Alchemy and the Lifelong Pursuit of Art


My studio art thesis presents two visually distinct bodies of ceramic work: a series of abstract sculptures, and collection of thrown and distorted forms. These two bodies of work share a philosophy of creation and they function synergistically to inform and challenge my art. This conjoined work represents the dual nature of my position—at a pivot point, a connection between East and West, old and new, peace and war, youth and age, art and craft, human and machine. These works and the process of making them recapitulate the experiences of my life and the methods I have developed to navigate its course. The iterative nature of the work itself—and the methodology used to create it—reflects the way in which I strive to continually improve the process of my life and to incorporate lessons learned from disparate parts into an integrated whole—to engage in a personal alchemy that transmutes the base material into a greater form.



art, ceramics, sculpture, craft