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This thesis will examine the visually-created inner workings of the bilingual brain, while also portraying the conflict and frustrations that come with being raised bicultural. I explore the ideas of language and duality: two prominent aspects in my installation. The text, the interweaving wooden structure, the ribbons representing my streams of consciousness, the light projections, and the audio element of my installation are individually investigated and analyzed. From the materials used to the history and philosophical reasoning behind each esthetic and theoretical decision, I explore my installation in its entirety. By limiting my color palette to neutral tones, I am leaving room for individual interpretations from my audience rather than potential color associations. My inspirations, influences, technical and creative processes are investigated within the thesis. A self-critique and analysis of the installation are also included. This project is my way of conveying to the public that I am coming to terms with both my Japanese and American culture and identity.