Ordinance 10-07: Bias-Based Policing and Solicitation of Immigration Status


This Ordinance, which appears under Article IX of the Detroit, MI Code of Ordinances, specifies how city public servants can protect the safety and health of all members of the Detroit community while upholding the United States Constitution and federal law. While this Ordinance appears to have been published in 2010, documentation also references the years 2007 and 2008. This Ordinance was renamed "Article VIII. - Unbiased Provision of City Services" in 2020.



Sanctuary Policies, Blight violation, Michigan Home Rule Cities Act, Civil infraction, Michigan Penal Code, Detroit City Charter, Criminal offense, Gender identity or expression, Person, Police officer, Public servant, Sexual orientation, I-9 Form, Section 2-107(2) of the 1997 Detroit City Charter, Ord. No. 10-07, § 1, 5-9-07, Ord. No. 09-08, § 1, 4-9-08, (Code 1984, § 27-9-5; Ord. No. 10-07, § 1(27-9-5), eff. 7-16-2007; Ord. No. 2020-11 , § 1, eff. 7-17-2020)