Bisexual Women’s Experiences of Microaggressions and Microaffirmations and their Relation to Suicidality



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Bisexual women have been found to report worse mental health outcomes, including elevated rates of suicidality, compared to both heterosexual and lesbian women. The purpose of this study is to examine bisexual women’s daily experiences with sexual identity microaggressions and microaffirmations as they relate to rates of suicidal ideation and behavior. The study utilized a 5-day online daily-diary study design. The first day participants completed a large survey with information on demographics, sexual identity, social support, and self-esteem. For days 2 through 5 participants completed daily diary entries consisting of the bisexual identity Microaggression and Microaffirmation Scales, and a measure of suicidal ideation and attempt. The data were analyzed quantitatively using a random coefficient multilevel model assessing the relationship between microaggressions and microaffirmations and suicidality within individuals at Level 1, and how those relationships may differ between individuals at Level 2 based on social support, internalized binegativity (having negative feelings about oneself due to bisexual identity), connectedness to LGBT community, and self-esteem. There was a significant relationship between daily microaggressions and suicidality at Level 1 and between self-esteem, internalized binegativity, trans identity and suicidality at Level 2.



bisexual mental health, sexual minority women health, bisexual women, sexual identity microaggression, sexual minority microaffirmation, suicidal ideation and behavior, suicidality, mental health outcomes