Trauma and Resilience: Servicing Victims of Domestic Violence


How do women and families stay hopeful and resilient in times of tragic loss and struggle? What are the steps families must take to look forward to a safer, happier future? How can the community best support those going through traumatic abuse experiences? These are just some of the questions my internship as a family and youth advocate worked to answer at Harriet Tubman Crisis Center—an organization dedicated to supporting and serving those victims of domestic violence in Minnesota. During my internship, I focused on the unique aspects of individuals’ and their trauma as I set out to support each resident in our shelter with his/her distinct and specific needs. This part of my work was crucial because there is no cookie-cutter plan to help families get back on their feet, just like there is no typical victim of domestic violence. However, the fact that no day was the same really created what felt at first like an overwhelming situation to learn. I was thrown into a space that was in a constant state of crisis and was expected to learn quickly. Throughout this presentation, I will discuss how I was able to navigate this overwhelming experience in a way that really allowed me to learn a wide and rich array of information.