College Women and Their Parents: A Validation Study of the Parental Intrusiveness versus Appropriate Concern Scale



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The two studies herein assessed four types of validity of Brown s (2004) Intrusiveness/ Appropriate Concern Scale for use with college women about their parents. Item and factor analysis from 54 college women in the first study were used to create a refined measure (the Parental Intrusiveness versus Appropriate Concern Scale; PIAC), and to established face and content validity. In the second study, 151 college women completed measures of psychological control, parenting styles, and attachment status to determine the construct validity of the PIAC scale, while criterion validity was assessed using measures of self-efficacy, locus of control, interpersonal guilt, and college adjustment. Construct validity was generally supported and criterion validity was somewhat supported for the Intrusiveness subscale. The construct validity was moderately supported for the Appropriate Concern subscale, and the criterion validity for this scale was mildly supported for mothers, but not fathers.