Changemakers in Cape Town: Inspiring the Next Generation of Women



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In South Africa, the current teenage pregnancy rate is approximately 30%. Studies demonstrate that two primary reasons for this statistic are a lack of knowledge and a desire to prove femininity. In the early 2000’s, Life Orientation was introduced as a subject in the South African education system to teach learners topics such as sex education and career development. However, the curriculum is very theoretical and in some ways seems unattainable to high school students. Over a decade after Life Orientation was established, teenage pregnancy continues to be a challenge for the South African population. Therefore, this presentation will discuss a program launched in Athlone, Western Cape at Garlandale High School led by Principal Dawn Crowie. This program sought to empower female students by connecting them with existing resources in the community. By establishing partnerships with local businesses and organizations, the girls of Garlandale gained valuable experiences related to family planning, sexual health, self-defense, HIV awareness, and taking control of one’s own life.