Awaawaa Tuu: “I Open My Arms and Embrace You” Addressing the Impediments on Special Education in Order to Embrace Disabled Students in Ghana.



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Examining the perceptions of disability and the state of special education in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana, this research argues that the education system in Ghana intends to serve children with disabilities, but ultimately unable to meet its goal of “inclusive” education. It must combat the stigma of disability which results in insufficient resources for parents, teacher training, and the educational programs. As a neglected sector, the system suffers from lack of inputs to best serve parents, teachers and students. Using teacher, principals and program directors insights as well as those of parents, this work studies experiences with Inclusive Education programs, NGOs and public schools. The central themes are that the foundations are in place for the development of special education, however impediments on the system such as parental choices, teacher quality and training, and civil society support, diminish its ability to be successful.


This thesis was under a Special Major: International Development.


Disability, Ghana, Education, Special Education