What We Forget to See


The world is constructed and built around structures that often go unnoticed. My research revolves around the elements that are the basis of our daily environment. Initially inspired by artists who combine science with the arts, the work is informed by the studies of artist Terry Winters and mathematician Henry Segerman. The project developed by deconstructing, examining, and rebuilding imagery in a calculated and measured process. With this I explored the structure of spaces that are ingrained in our day-to-day lives and how they progress when neglected. The project is made of two main components. The first consists of steel sculptures that are seemingly abstract linework. When they are lit at the correct angle, however, an outline of a room appears in the cast shadow. For this an image is simplified into pure architectural lines which are then broken up, stretched and combined in a new, unrecognizable form. The next set of works use handmade paper to create panels detailed with wood grain. These are broken up into large pieces that imitate decaying walls alongside smaller cast paper boards. Through the papermaking process, a similar set of steps occur where the material is broken down and reformed. The paper is torn and cast creating the impression of natural deterioration. From the tangle of steel to the fading grain, the viewer is asked to investigate more closely. A quick glance does not allow for someone to completely grasp what is occurring. Instead it requires a closer look. In this way, the structures refuse to go unnoticed. The places depicted are recognizable images of common household scenes, a kitchen or study. The locations that we spend our lives in, along with the memories made there, construct who we are as people. Often however, these structures are left to weather over time. The cast shadows in conjunction with the decaying paper bring to light the neglect of spaces that were once important. By deconstructing and reforming this environment, I ask the viewer to look again, paying attention to what we are leaving behind.



Papermaking, Home, Sculpture, Steel, Location, Decay, Forgotten