Genetics for fun - How to Improve Eyesight and my Adventurous Self


Breathtaking scenery, green as far as the eye can see, and horses in every field initially sparked my love for Ireland. My dream to travel to, and work in Ireland was realized this past summer when I received the opportunity to work in a research facility at Trinity College Dublin. My summer experience has not only changed me as a person and a learner forever, but also developed my people skills and skills in the lab farther then I ever imagined. Ireland is a small european country with an even smaller population. In terms of genetics, this makes for an interesting mixing pot of very similar diseases brought on by the same or similar alleles and traits found amongst the Irish population. Age Related Macular Degeneration is a common genetic disease in Ireland affection the country's elderly. Through many scientific process and applications or lab worked towards solving the complex problems in this complicated disease. On a personal level, I not only became more excited about scientific reasearch, but I became aware of new strengths on my own, global curiosity, and the desire to explore many new avenues and countries.