International Industry Today and Tomorrow: Monitoring Advancement to Ensure Global Sustainable Development



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My work this summer was with Covalence EthicalQuote, a non-government organization based in Geneva, Switzerland. During my 12 month tenure with Covalence, I undertook research projects on the subject of corporate social responsibility, intersecting human rights issues, environmental concerns, consumer protections, and humanitarian work. I also got the chance to work on policy for the Working Group for Environmental Monitoring and Assessment at the UN Office in Geneva. Through focused research and study of international law and practice, I was able to best utilize my time and energy in a setting where I felt that I was helping to inform and impact the change I want to see in the world. Since returning to Mount Holyoke, I have been able to expand on the research on industry compliance and sustainable development that I began with Covalence. In my course work, I am expanding on my internship related projects through industrial development and historic approaches to technological advancement with concerns to human rights and protections. My goal through college and beyond is to continue compliance-based work and research to ensure that international organizations and corporations are fostering the development of economically equitable and environmentally sustainable projects at present and in the future.