Embodied communication: visually representing movement



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This thesis examines the kinetic energy of the human body and its artistic response to materiality through an art making process. By examining my movements through materiality, my sculptural work reveals a shared human sensibility that describes the rhythms of our own mortality. The materials I study in this thesis are steel, ink, and cloth. I primarily work in steel because I can directly convey the physical weight and movement of my body onto the material. My greatest inspiration for making this art comes from the knowledge I absorb through my body when I dance. In my art making process, I draw on the imagination of my body’s movement in conjunction with the information gathered from my experimentation. I use dance as a tool to conceptualize space and movement. Then I collect information through experimentation. I do this by cutting, bending, drawing, folding, hammering, buffing, and grinding material. The purpose of this thesis is to confront the power and energy of our humanness through visual expression. This work is about returning to the body and appreciating our human touch.



Art and dance, Dance in art, Steel sculpture, Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.)