Diffused Dimensions


My visual work explores the unsettled quality of our surroundings as we experience and inhabit physical spaces in the everyday. The space is both the object and the context of art-making. As perceived by the individual from within, the space projects itself as a series of fragments of situatedness that can never be fully deciphered and compiled into a definite, fixed and closed entity. As one moves through the space and perceives it from various angles, multiple dimensions of space and time are diffused into each other to form the whole spatial experience. The images I create bear the traces of the struggle to identify and capture the qualities that invite one to enter and move through a space. Drawing becomes an extension of seeing and perceiving. The marks are created as the visualization of a process in which the object is dissected, simplified, complicated and consequently reinvented. The subject matter and the drawing languages constantly transform and are transformed by each other. Various languages of mark-making are infused to create a sense of space that is both familiar, enterable and yet also strange and obscured. My drawings seem like specific places, and at the same time they evoke the abstract sense of place harbored in the unconscious and in the memory. Such a sense of ambiguity is purposefully created through blurring the lines between the real and the illusionistic, between the literal marks and those of abstraction, and between the fully articulated and the empty.