The Silenced Voices: The Experiences of Young Queer Survivors of Sexual Violence from India



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This study focuses on the experiences of young queer survivors of sexual violence between the ages of 18-25 years from India. The goal of this thesis is to understand the barriers to support and care that the population under study experience in the aftermath of sexual violence. The current study also focuses on the intersections of multiple marginalised identities, including but not limited to being survivors of sexual violence, queer, religion and/or caste based minorities, and gender minorities. Past literature in the field has shown the intersections of religion and caste based violence with sexual violence in the Indian context. It has also shown the intersections of sexual violence and queer identity in a non-Indian (US- based) context. It is the goal of this research to bridge this crucial gap in existing literature, specifically the absence of research on the experiences of queer survivors of sexual violence in the Indian context. The aim of this research is to amplify the voices of those who are silent, and have been silenced, in both academia and the popular imaginary. The results of this study will have profound implications, and can be used as the basis upon which interventions that are rooted in the lived experiences of a diverse population can be built.



Sexual violence, LGBTQ+/queer identity, India, Decolonisation