An Exploration of the Impact of Minority Stress on Gender Non-Binary College Students and Their Academic Confidence



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This research sought to explore the academic impact of peer victimization and minority stress on gender non-binary students through the lens of the Minority Stress Framework and Social Learning Theory. I compared gender non-binary student’s experiences at coed institutions with those who attend Historically Women’s Colleges to see if there was a difference in level of discrimination, and whether peer-related minority stress negatively impacted academic performance through the mediator of stress. One hundred and six participants from the five-college consortium, who identified as gender non-binary completed an online survey. The findings indicate that students who identify as non-binary in coed institutions report greater peer-related minority stress than their non-binary counterparts in Historically Women’s Colleges; peer-related minority stress is associated with increased stress, which is negatively associated to students’ academic confidence.



gender identity, gender expression, gender non-binary, gender non-conforming, peer victimization, minority stress