Feminism, Womanism, and the Christian Liturgical Year: A Trinity of Spiritual Memoir, Exegesis, and Theology



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Through a synthesis of personal narrative, liturgical theology, and feminist/womanist Biblical exegesis, this project explores the six major seasons of the Christian liturgical year. I seek to re-conceptualize these seasons both through a feminist/womanist lens and to see the continued relevance these liturgical seasons have in our lives as Christians, as womyn, and as human beings. As deeply as I value the continued work of feminist deconstruction within Christianity, I am reconstructive in this project for two reasons: 1. To create a resource building a bridge between feminism/womanist discourse in the academy and life of the Church, a tool that churches could employ to liturgically integrate feminism; and 2. To celebrate how deconstructive work had already uplifted God’s New Creation, honoring the “here” of feminism as much as I hold accountable the “not yet.”


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religion, christianity, feminism, feminist theory, womanism, womanist, theology, exegesis, faith, spiritual memoir