Boundaries Transgressed: action - reaction - repercussion



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container (n.): One who, or that which, contains contain (v.): to keep under proper control; restrain; to prevent or limit the expansion, influence, success, advance [of an entity] - Webster s Dictionary We live within boundaries, in containers governed by external forces. They vary in shape and presentation, form and size. Sometimes we like them they are our comfort, our safety, our home. Sometimes we do not they are our constraint, our weakness, our inhibitions. Such pre-conceived boundaries control interactions by forcing an entity to adapt to its exterior and change its dynamics with its surrounding entities. As a creator, I look for the innate, seemingly contradicting, duality of materiality: inside/outside, introversion/extroversion. I devote my focus to the inherent characteristics of fluid materials, including liquid, sand, light, pixels and sound, their entropic qualities and the manner in which they are shaped by their contextual space and time. For example, liquid: its propensity to fall, to spread, to make a mark; that it must be contained to be controlled, otherwise gravity will pull it down. Liquid exists in both space and time. It has a tendency to leave a trace of its past and yet exist in the present. It creates events that occur in the liminal space, the moments of transition from one identity to the other. This process is of crucial importance, for it affects the fundamental qualities of an entity transforming it into another. In my explorations I combine everyday, static materials with dynamic mediums such as video projections and performance. I place them within a space and allow them to interact with each other and with the environment, which brings a performative aspect to my work. Sensual awareness is evoked through the combination of subtle repetition, quiet tension and careful observation. Descriptive yet mysterious sounds often fill the space and create a dialog within the work. I make the processes visually accessible through the use of live color, a fundamental element of my work that allows for expression through interaction. I use color as both a tool and a means of expression. The color mixes, and the unity of the material as one single entity is visible.



liquid, material