Blessed Politics: Christian Zionism, the Prosperity Gospel, and American Policy toward Israel


Whenever scholars explain the belief system behind Christian Zionism, many scholars cite a complex theological worldview called premillennial dispensationalism. According to this theology, Jews must return to their homeland of Israel for the second coming of Jesus to happen. While this worldview certainly plays a role in Christian Zionist activism, there is another overlooked belief system which impacts this political movement: the prosperity gospel. Since the rise of charismatic Christians into political activism in the 1980s, Christian Zionism has become less about speeding up the end times and more about blessing Israel to gain God’s favor. This project has two goals: 1) to argue that Christian Zionism is a political movement and 2) to show how the prosperity gospel has impacted American policy toward Israel via Christian Zionism.



Christian Zionism, Prosperity Gospel, Israel, Evangelicals