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Balance, a three-song extended play album, was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee in March of 2017 and debuted during an evening length senior recital on April 15th, 2017 at Mount Holyoke College. This paper details the processes of networking, marketing, and recording I have undertaken to produce my first professional album in the country music genre. Throughout this year, I have explored entrepreneurship in a new light and seen firsthand the issues that come along with the music industry. Using strong networking skills that I have developed, I have crafted my own solutions to said roadblocks. I have utilized new apps to quickly grow a supportive fanbase and interviewed fellow artists of differing levels of success searching for advice. In addition, I have emailed, phoned and met face-to-face with industry professionals as well as produced three radio-quality original songs while working seamlessly with highly accredited engineers in Nashville. Reflecting upon this year-long adventure will provide me with useful insights as to what worked and what did not work in regards toward advancing my professional music career. In the years to come, I hope Balance will spark other recording projects and be the stepping stone for me to become a successful songwriter in Music City.



music, entrepreneurship, music entrepreneurship, Nashville, music industry, songwriting, album, extended play (EP)