Exposing Existing Environmental Morals – the Search for Action within Environmental Issues



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This project seeks to understand the many ways to connect people’s preexisting morals and interests to their involvement with different organizations and causes. This information will then be used in order to expand their involvement to environmental issues. Past literature focuses on the creation of morals, environmental ethics surrounding who is responsible for tackling environmental issues, and how messages get framed. This literature, therefore, helps to answer the question, how does one’s preexisting values and morals, given their current participation and involvement, help us better understand how to make people care about the environment. There are very few pieces of literature that have studied the reasons why people join organizations or how to make them care more about the environment, particularly at the college level. A survey distributed to Mount Holyoke students that had 45 respondents was analyzed to find the relationship between their organizational commitments, morality, and environmental issues. The data shows that more exposure to environmental issues and participating in any activities creates positive self-efficacy by which people feel like they can do more to protect the environment.



Participation, Morals, Values, Self Efficacy, Environment