Blazing New Trails: A Novel Approach to Eldercare


Panelist Riley Maddox spent his summer as a research assistant for Baystate Medical Center's Acute Care for Elders program. As Baystate has one of the top 40 geriatric care programs in the United States, Riley spent his summer coming to understand what the program does differently. Riley was responsible for interviewing patients to assess their overall well-being and access to care; he found his coursework as a psychology major useful when performing these tasks. He reported his findings at daily meetings, which included personnel from all different aspects of patient care. Here, the team designed a customized treatment plan for each patient on a daily basis. This integrated approach to care management helps foster the better outcomes that sets Baystate apart. Riley is grateful for his summer experience and intends to use the skills and connections he acquired at Baystate in his future as a geriatric psychiatrist.