What Is The Effect Of Conflict & Displacement On Fertility? A Case Study Of Northern Uganda



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The purpose of this thesis is to explore how fertility patterns are affected during conflict. Thus, the question under consideration is: What is the effect of conflict and displacement on fertility patterns? A Case Study of Northern Uganda. In this study, I hope to explore the background of the Acholiland Civil War in Uganda and how this conflict affected fertility trends in Uganda. Using previous research, I intend to examine the causes of differing fertility patterns across nations. Using this knowledge, I seek to translate some of the concepts adopted by other studies to explain the changes in fertility trends experienced in African societies during civil war. In my study, I use both the random effects model and the discrete logistic model to determine the effects of conflict on fertility. My findings show that indeed, conflict affects fertility patterns due to the possibilities of displacement.



Economics, Conflict, Displacement, Fertility